The Start of my Artist Blog

Hey everyone...welcome to this little space where I will share some of my fun thought processes about being an artist, and a human!

I went years and years not writing because I figured there wasn’t any value in anything I could possibly write. I am a better artist than I am a writer anyway. How many things have been written about being an artist? What could I add to that? Hasn’t everything already been covered? Also, who even reads blogs anymore?! We have reels and youtube and tiktok. Most artists make movies now.

Buuuut, after almost 10 years of not writing, I have decided to start this blog for my art. I want to write down my thoughts and feelings and give some insight into the pieces I produce. Plus I am not huge into being in front of the camera!

Over the last 8 years my art has gone through some major transformations. I have quite literally been ‘all over the place’. I have so many loves that it has been hard for me to narrow down my field but I do consider myself a mixed media artist. My aim as an artist is to move mountains through people’s feelings. I enjoy using bold colour to convey powerful women and nature, and I often touch on more difficult topics of human rights and environmental conservation. I feel like it is my duty as an artist to shine a light on things that society likes to keep in the dark.

I can’t wait to share this space, my thoughts, feelings, and some of my processes with you!