About me

Hi, my name is Sara! I am the face behind The Stationary Nomad. It has been my online name for a very long time. I love the oxymoron-ness of it. I am a wanderer by nature but stationary for now...


I am a semi-single mom of three and I am a commercial painter by trade. I love to occupy what little time I have left at the end of every day doing art. I'm a creative soul, always interested in trying something new and always ending up with new ideas and passions. I absolutely love to travel and some of my ideas stem from those experiences. I come from a long line of wonderfully artistic and creative people. My whole family is passionate about colour and expression!

I work out of my tiny home studio, my favourite indoor space, and I create art and soap. I work in acrylics, wool and fiber, watercolours, mixed media, and oils and lye ;)